The Frosted is an arcade game with atmospheric, fairytale vibe. The whole game is based on the watercolor graphic. 

Ursula is a girl who has magic power and travels around the magic world in search of the artifact which is said to work wonders.

The magical land consists of 5 biomes, each biome allows the main character to find the missing piece of the artifact and, finally, make it work. All the 5 biomes are different, they contain diverse locations, puzzles and Easter eggs, gradually making separate details one big picture.

Key features of the game:
● variative gameplay with dozens of opponents and five unusual bosses
● upgrading bombs, attacking and passive abilities
● classic puzzles
● 5 diverse, unlike each other biomes with more than 50 levels
● hand-drawn and animated graphics
● original tracks and voice acting
● an exciting story, with the opportunity to determine the fate of the northern land

You can whishlist the game now:

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